BigFix Consumer Edition Help

ID: 15

Why do I keep getting errors when downloading files in a Fixlet message?

I keep getting errors when downloading files from an action in a Fixlet message, what can I do to solve this problem?


"Download failure" message. Because of this, usually the best thing you can do is wait for an "off-peak" hours and then try again.

You may also experience download problems if another program running on your system is prohibiting BigFix from accessing the Internet. Software such as personal firewalls and download accelerators may intercept Internet traffic and prohibit BigFix from downloading files. To resolve this issue, configure these programs to allow BigFix full access to the Internet (for more information on how to configure your personal firewall or download accelerator, visit the support site of the software provider).

Sometimes the BigFix or Internet Explorer installations become corrupt and cease to work properly. This is rare, but if you have tried to download a file for several days and you continually experience a problem, try to follow the directions at BigFix Troubleshooting Tips.