BigFix Consumer Edition Help

ID: 21

Why can't I gather new Fixlet messages?

I am not able to gather new Fixlet messages in BigFix. When I click on the gather button, a message says that the gather failed or I receive a "Server Not Available" error message. What am I doing wrong?


By default, BigFix automatically gathers new Fixlet messages everyday. You may also manually gather from Fixlet sites by clicking on the "Gather" button in the BigFix toolbar. However, you will not be able to gather if:

  • Your computer is not connected to the Internet - BigFix gathers new Fixlet messages from the Internet so without an Internet connection, BigFix cannot gather.
  • Another program running on your system is prohibiting BigFix from accessing the Internet - Software such as personal firewalls and download accelerators may intercept internet traffic and prohibit BigFix from gathering. To resolve this issue, configure these programs to allow BigFix full access to the Internet (for more information on how to configure your personal firewall or download accelerator, visit the support site of the software provider). As a test, make sure you can connect to by clicking on the link. If you cannot connect to the website, then you will not be able to gather new Fixlet messages from BigFix.
  • Your installation of BigFix or Internet Explorer is corrupt - BigFix may report "Server not available" error messages when gathering, this is usually due to misconfigured BigFix settings or corrupt files. To resolve this issue try following the BigFix Troubleshooting Tips.