BigFix Consumer Edition Help

ID: 48

Why is BigFix No Longer Displaying Fixlet Messages?

I recently installed Internet Explorer 7 and BigFix is no longer displaying any Fixlet messages, how do I fix this problem?


The BigFix application contains a DLL file "PSAPI.DLL" that is incompatible with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). If IE 7 is installed and the DLL is loaded, BigFix will no longer be able to display any Fixlet messages. The "PSAPI.DLL" file is no longer necessary and can safely be removed from the BigFix client folder.

Follow these instructions to resolve this issue:

  1. Exit BigFix by going to File > Exit in the menu.
  2. Delete the file "PSAPI.DLL" located in the BigFix client folder. (By default C:\Program Files\BigFix\PSAPI.DLL)
  3. Restart BigFix.