BigFix Consumer Edition Help

ID: 50

Why is BigFix No Longer Supported on my Gateway/eMachines Computer?


For over 6 years BigFix and Gateway/eMachines have partnered to provide BigFix technology on computers to help provide proactive technical support for Gateway/eMachines users. Unfortunately, BigFix and Gateway have not chosen to renew their business partnership and thus BigFix will no longer be provided on Gateway/eMachines computers. Additionally, there will be no more updates for BigFix on existing Gateway/eMachines computers and therefore BigFix and Gateway are recommending that you uninstall BigFix from your computers. BigFix wants to thank Gateway and all its loyal users for many years of a healthy business partnership and regrets any inconvenience that this causes BigFix users.

BigFix is continuing to develop and provide the BigFix Enterprise Suite for its enterprise customers to update and manage the computers owned by their organization, but BigFix will no longer be partnering with Gateway.