BigFix Consumer Edition Help

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Why is the BigFix Consumer Client no longer being updated?

I see a Fixlet message that indicates BigFix is discontinuing development, updating, and support of the free client. Why is this?


As BigFix continues to evolve and grow, we continuously evaluate how best to serve our customers. Delivering technology, products, and services that deliver exceptional value and innovation requires exceptional focus, agility, and utilization of resources. With that in mind, and in order to achieve our goals for growth, technical excellence, and our customers' trust and satisfaction, we have discontinued ongoing development, Fixlet updates, and support for the Free Consumer Edition product as of 8-31-2007. Your existing consumer edition product will not cease working as it currently does but there will be no further development, Fixlet updates, or support for this product going forward. If you wish to uninstall at this time, please click the link below to go to the uninstall site. The full line of BigFix Enterprise products are unaffected and are available for purchase direct from BigFix or from an authorized BigFix reseller.

You can download a utility from our website that will allow you to easily remove all traces of the BigFix client from your computer. That utility is available from the following location:

Once you have downloaded the utility, double-click on bfremove.exe to remove BigFix.